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"During my career I’ve rarely came across real professionals like Mila. She is hard worker and great leader. She’s always ready to help others. Mila has an excellent time and management skills. She earns my highest recommendation not just as a thoughtful leader but as a team player as well." - Jakub Pondela

"Luis is great to work with. Luis understands the industry well and has vision. He is willing to pivot and try new solutions to existing roadblocks. I would work with Luis again anytime as he is easy to communicate with and open to guidance." - Sahid Nahim

"I have been working with Mila for several months now. Mila has a very professional approach, she always tries to help me with my work, teaches me a lot, and motivates me. She is always in a good mood and communication is always easy and fast. Highly recommended. I am very grateful to work with her and learn from her." - Veronika Hlinkova

"Luis is an excellent professional, very innovative and a good thinker outside the box, visionary. It is a pleasure to work with him, as his objectives and goals are clear." - Juan Carlos Bautista

"It’s been a pleasure working with Mila for so many years. She is a top professional in her field. Highly recommended. Responsive with impressive technical know-how." - Matteson Ellis

"Although we are a law firm, and although she came from a analytical marketing and web-based business services background, Mila succeeded from the first day at our office to improve our web presence, and understand how to fulfill our internal systems needs. Without being a lawyer, Mila quickly became a very useful member of the firm." - Bruce Horowitz

"Mila's leadership and organizational skills were always invaluable to our team and her very efficient abilities made her an asset to the Embassy and the Consulate of Ecuador in Washington DC. Additionally, she always displayed a high degree of integrity and responsibility that, combined with her good judgment, helped to ensure excellent results in the field of web development." - Diego Bassante

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